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    Article: Nov 21, 2016

    Heather says: "Today's torrential rain saw Millstream flood seriously for the first time since it was cleared over 3 years ago. Silt and debris have been building up over time on the stream bed causing the stream to overflow. I have been pushing the Council for permission to allow us to clear the brook for some time and will renew my efforts. I sincerely hope that we can get this done quicker than last time when it took ages for me to persuade both the Council and the Environment Agency to agree to let us get the work done."

  • Article: Nov 10, 2016

    Part Time Road Contractors Slammed

    Heather has slammed many of the Councils road contractors for working 'part time' on many projects and inflicting unnecessary distress to many communities

    Heather said "we have had a lot of roadworks in our area recently, most of it necessary, some quite urgent. However, what really annoys many residents and myself is their penchant for closing stretches of road and then do precious little work.

    In the village of Marton over the last few weeks for example, we have seen the main road shut from 9-3 each day. This causes considerable disruption. In return the contractors have spent most of the last fortnight working on one small part of the village. I've tried very hard to allow access to the pub and shop during this period to no avail. The road remained closed on the stretch up to the Shop and the Pub. It really hit their trade.

    "There is also the question of value for money for the Shropshire tax payer. In Stiperstones for example I am told that the contractors one day at 11am and went home between 2 and 3pm and this is not an isolated incident. It also happened frequently during the Marton to Brockton road closure.

    "The new contract for the replacement to Ringway (the Council's current contractor)must include bonuses for works finishing early and penalties for days when road closures are not used fully as happened in Stiperstones when the crew failed to turn up on 2 consecutive days to repair the damage caused by the badger sett.

    "These closures - whether caused by the Council or others such as BT or Severn Trent - must take into account the huge diversions caused and the harm caused to local businesses. The next Council must make sure it has enough powers to manage and protect our rural communities."

    Heather has raised the issue with the area Director and is pushing for adoption by the council for next round of negotia tigon with new contractors

  • Article: Oct 24, 2016

    Heather says: "BT are consulting on removing the following phone boxes in the Parish. If you have strong views about keeping these please let me know."

    1. Shelve, A488 opposite The Marsh Postcode SY5 0BA; Tel 01588 650234

    2. Stiperstones, Postcode SY5 0BA; Tel 01743 791277

    3. Snailbeach, Postcode SY5 0NX Tel: 01743 791846

  • Article: Oct 24, 2016

    Heather has warned rural residents about a spate of van break ins that have been occurring across the parts of the county and neighbouring parts of Powys.

    Heather said "We've had two break ins in my village and one in neighbouring Montgomery this week and and identical break ins two weeks ago. From speaking to the police it seems that there is quite a serious spate of this going on across out area. Newtown alone has had 12 incidents over the last few days.

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    Article: Sep 25, 2016

    Heather has slammed Shropshire Councill's contractor Ringway for the excessive time it has taken to mount a number of key road signs in her Division.

    Heather said: "This is the second time in 18 months we have had this problem. Signs are ordered by the Council and then they contract Ringway to put them up. I then discover the signs in question in some neglected part of the Craven Arms Depot months later.

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    Article: Sep 23, 2016

    Lib Dems won an emphatically victory in Thursday's (15h Sept) by-election in Bishops Castle Division of Shropshire Council.

    the final result was Jonny Keeley (Lib Dem) 8 62

    Conservative 420

    Labour 95

    Green 37.

    Speaking after the count Cllr Keeley said"I am honoured to be elected to represent my home town and it's surrounding area on Shropshire Council. Our area is a very special place and a very special community. I was particularly heartened by the large numbers of our young people that turned out to support my campaign. Their future are related topics such as the Youth Services, SpArC and affordable homes will feature strongly in the work I hope to do for the area."

    Neighbouring Councillor and election agent Heather Kidd added "This result has been an emphatic rejection of Shropshire Conservative Councils policy of cuts at any price. Residents of our very rural area value services such as buses, libraries and leisure centres and resent further cutbacks.

    "Jonny will be a great champion for the Division."

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    Article: Aug 27, 2016

    Open letter to the health authorities from Lib Dem Councillor and health professional T racey Huffer

    It's come to my attention that MIU at Ludlow Hospital as now been closed for three days due to staff shortage,and could possibly remain so for longer.I am really dismayed at this precarious situation we are now in,it's Bank Holiday weekend and Ludlow is at its busiest.

    Patients have already presented at GP surgeries because they have been unable to seek care at MIU,but obviously these surgeries are not open at the weekend,so patients will either have to undertake a long journey to one of our acute hospital A&E or some may try to access the ambulance service.

    This situation is dangerous,unacceptable and detrimental for people who live in Ludlow and the surrounding area,there should at least be something in place to support our GPs when this happens because they have to pick up the slack.

    I am sorry to say this is not the only closure at Ludlow Hospital!,yesterday a GP was unable to admit a patient to the hospital,even though there are seven empty beds.The reason again lack of staff,the beds were blocked and a dying person had to be sent to a nursing home!

    Whilst I fully appreciate that everywhere suffers with staff sickness and its peak holiday season,it's still remains that there should be something in place to cope with this situation.

    I have always supported the ludlow Hospital and will continue to do so,but I am afraid it appears that slowly it's grinding to a halt.Please will one of you be honest and brave enough to admit that everything is not running smoothly,and tell us truthfully WHAT is happening to our hospital!

    I am fully aware there are other feasible options available that could deliver sustainable,good health care provision that we could explore,but until a decision is made about current services we cannot move forward.

    I look forward to your comments.

    Tracey Huffer

    Unitary Councillor for Ludlow Eas

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    Article: Aug 18, 2016

    Channel 4 News came to SpArC today after Heather challenged the proposed cut of 25% in the grant to the Centre by Conservative run Shropshire Council. Heather said "They picked up the story from the front page of the Shropshire Star and rang me up. Everyone - staff,campaigners and users alike, turned up to make the point just how much we value the visitors centre."

    "With the Olympics on and the Government publishing their much criticised strategy on Childhood obesity it is crazy that the Council is cutting more from leisure centres who do so much to keep people fit. Its particularly galling that the Council has just chosen SpArC , Church Stretton and Cleobury Mortimer for cuts, leaving the others untouched."

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    Article: Aug 9, 2016

    Shropshire Councillor Heather Kidd (Chirbury and Worthen) has taken Severn Trent Water to task for cutting off residents in the Lane to Shop Farm in Rorrington, near Chirbury, overnight.

    Heather said: "I am frankly appalled. This leak has been reported off and on for the last 2 years. On Thursday they came with a closure and opened up a hole. They left it open so that residents could not get in and out overnight. Had an ambulance been required they would have been unable to attend. A doctor was walking on Rorrington Hill and had his vehicle stuck there. A friend had to pick him up.

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    Article: Aug 7, 2016

    Heather has slammed a Council proposal to cut funding to Teme Leisure. This will mean a direct cut to SpArC in Bishops Castle whilst funding levels to other leisure centres in the rest of Shropshire will be maintained for at least another year.

    Heather said: "This is grossly unfair. SpArC play a crucially important role is the life of the Bishops Castle area. We live in a very rural area and this is not only our sports centre but our cinema and theatre and provides exercise on prescription as well. It has the only swimming pool for 20 plus miles in several directions!!