50 year celebration of Liberal Democrats in Bishop’s Castle.

Fifty years ago this month, In March 1974, Liberals decided that many people in the area deserved an alternative voice. Former County and District Councillor Peter Phillips had first stood for election in May 1973 and had made sure that there was actually a contest. The first in living memory! There was an enthusiastic support.

‘The local Conservative secretary told my landlady it was a disgrace that I should challenge the sitting Councillor and she should turn me out of the house!’ Peter smiled.

Peter was finally elected to Shropshire County Council in 1981, also to South Shropshire District Council and then to Unitary Shropshire in 2009.

‘The people of SW Shropshire, then found that we would actually DO things, rather than just wanting to ‘be’ something and then responded with firm loyalty,’ said Peter Phillips.

“When Peter retired, we were very lucky in always finding terrific, hardworking councillors to follow– Heather Kidd, Charlotte Barnes, Jonny Keeley, and Ruth Houghton”. Said the first Branch Secretary, Barbara Bates.

Indeed, both Heather and Charlotte became Parliamentary candidates, while another Branch member, Matthew Green, won the seat/became MP for Ludlow in 2001.

‘Residents have responded with loyal support to consistent hard work by LibDem supporters, giving us a great record of success locally. We have our sights on seeing a LD MP here again this year ”.said Cllr Heather Kidd.