Heather’s Report for February


The repeated storms we have suffered over the last few months have led to three more landslips on roads in our area. I have spent a great deal of time (much of it in the rain!) getting the Council to take action to address these occurrences. As we go to press, these are the latest updates:
Marton Beech. The mud from the slip has been cleared from the road but more is washed down every time it rains. Work to permanently stabilise this is due to start with the onset of drier weather in the late spring or summer.
Brockton Brook: Shropshire Council have agreed to build a wall along the bank backed with concrete which should stabilise matters. Again, this needs to wait for drier weather in the late spring or summer.
Hope Valley A488. WSP, the Council’s contractors, are drawing up a scheme to address this. Let’s hope that they do it quicker than the 2-3 years they took to do the plan for the A490 (see below). There have been some problems with the traffic lights here and the Council is looking at upgrading these lights. The coned-off carriageway is UNSAFE and should not be used.
Last but not least the A490 Chirbury/Churchstoke Road. Despite a great deal of pressure from all concerned we are still no further forward with a date to repair this landslip. I even held an event to celebrate the landslip’s 4th birthday, with the press invited, to try and pressure Shropshire Council into finding a diversion and setting a date. They insist it will now be done in the 2024/25 financial year. Let’s hope we get something done before its 5th birthday!

Post Office Outreach.
The Post Office is reviewing the usage of the Post Office outreach sessions in Marton, Hope and Stiperstones. Can you please remember to use these over the next few weeks. It’s really a case of use it or lose it!
Gullies – drains- across the whole area are blocked with debris after the heavy rain. Please let me know and report it on FixMyStreet. – https://improvingyourroads.shropshire.gov.uk
Chirbury Junction
The road safety officer for Shropshire says:
“This junction has been included in highways works programme request list where it will be reviewed/assessed against the many other competing scheme requests we have on the list. Unfortunately, the funding we have available is extremely limited and the demand for the introduction of road safety/traffic management measures from across the County far exceeds the budget we have available.”.

The BT pole. The officer will liaise with the local Highways Maintenance team to see if they can arrange for a reflective bollard to be installed adjacent to the pole to make it more visible at night.

Millstream Latest
Along with several local residents, I recently met Shropshire Council’s Chief Flooding Officer by the stream
It was agreed:
 He would put together a meeting with the Environment Agency and the local EA group so that a schedule of works could be put together for this year and future years. It would also agree a mechanism for repeat works on an annual basis. This would be for the Parish Council to oversee.
 Nottinghamshire have a delegation model to allow Parishes to close roads. They are going to try this out in Much Wenlock and also in Worthen as a rural pilot. Training will be provided for volunteers on how to operate a closure and safety issues etc.
 The Flooding Officer will be speaking to the Highways Department about the drainage pipe near Brookside Close. He will ask for a concrete guard to be installed so that it is protected from damage by heavy vehicles. Hopefully, it can then continue to carry water back into the brook.
 A meeting is being arranged with the Environment Agency about water entering Rectory Gardens Heather will raise this with the new Chief Exec Connexus on 4th April.
 The Parish Council is arranging a meeting to recruit volunteers in March.

Best wishes
Shropshire Councillor for Chirbury & Worthen

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