Burglaries and thefts

The beginning of January has seen a spike in burglaries for the area, particularly at farms where quads, plant, trailers and 4×4’s have been targeted.

This mimics a similar spike of local farm burglaries and thefts that occurred during January 2023, however the county as a whole and neighbouring counties has seen a similar increase in burglaries over recent months. Most of the burglaries have occurred in the early hours but one of the farm thefts happened rather brazenly during the early afternoon where opportunist thieves have entered a farmyard and stolen a quad with keys.

Targeted patrols are being conducted in rural areas and a dedicated CID team are investigating crimes linked to organised criminal gangs.
Please report any suspicious activity or give information to West Mercia Police on 101, online via the West Mercia Police website or to our local team email bccar.snt@westmercia.police.uk (please note this is not always monitored). If a burglary or theft is witnessed to be occurring at the time then please report on 999.

Take care.