Brockton Brook Update – collapsed wall- first reported 23rd December 2023

This has worsened during the very wet weather yesterday (27th) and may get worse with more flooding

No-one had been out to check the reports that both Yvonne Alcock and I had sent in. They had promised to send someone out the Saturday before Christmas. It didn’t happen. I chased this on Wednesday. Nothing! Today the lady on the Emergency line took it seriously – especially as there has been significant rain.

I met the engineer on site. He says to our roads team:
“Investigated the issue of collapsing retaining wall on the Brook opposite Brook cottage on checking site I have called Keir out to make safe 1737652 (15507) by the way of installing temp pedestrian barriers along and next to railings . This may need looking at asap on your return in the new year .”

At last, the Council had someone on duty who came out to look. There is concern about the collapsed drainpipe and the closeness to the road. The pedestrian barriers have been installed this afternoon.

I also sent him up to look at the blocked gulley at the top near the junction to Oakfield Cottages. It is sending even more water down the road to the collapse.

I will be in touch with our highways team on their return to work on Tuesday.

Best wishes.