Another accident occurs as pupils and parents are put at risk.                        
Shropshire Councilors Ruth Houghton (Bishop’s Castle) and Heather Kidd (Chirbury andWorthen)* have slammed the Council for failing to repair a malfunctioning road safety sign for a year after it was first reported.

Cllr Ruth Houghton said “We have a very dangerous stretch of road outside Norbury school with a speed limit of 60mph and only a discretionary 30mph sign. . We have been campaigning for years for the speed limit to be lowered here. Some years ago, we received a set of wig-wags (A warning sign with flashing lights) to warn motorists when parents were dropping off and picking up children. A year ago, the sign malfunctioned and has remained so despite numerous requests for a repair. After a third incident at the site recently I complained again. We were angry to learn that the Council had not even identified the funding to repair the device”

Heather Kidd added: “This is one of the most dangerous school sites in the County. We have had three accidents already, how many more do we need before the Council Acts?? There are no pavements, insufficient parents’ parking and 2 schools and a nursery being educated on site.  Ruth and I are pressing hard for an immediate repair.”Ruth Houghton added“The local Parish  Council are working with the school and a local landowner to try to improve off-road parking at the school, however, this doesn’t negate the need for the flashing warning lights to be working at all times” Norbury School has now been listed among several schools to have a 20mph speed limit enacted on this road. There is no timescale given, however, and enquiries tell us that this is at best many months away.