Another shambles at Shropshire Council

As we all know, the financial situation at Shropshire Council is dire. Between the Shrewsbury by-pass, shopping centres and a new Council HQ it looks like the Tories are going to waste around £100 million of public money. They need to make cuts of £51m (The highest proportion of any Council in the UK according to the BBC) and yet they are spending £4,000 a day on consultants to tell them what to do.

Yet on top of all this, Councillors in the ruling Conservative group accidentally voted at the last full Council to support £95 million of extra borrowing towards Shrewsbury’s North West Relief Road after the figure was mistakenly included in a report!

As the Shropshire STAR reported “It has also raised concerns over whether the true cost of the scheme has more than doubled from previous estimates of £87m to an eye-watering £182m.”
It would be funny in a comedy programme but it is the future of our County that is at stake here.