Government Plans For Post Offices Need To Be More Ambitious For Rural Communities

Government plans to expand the financial services role for the Post Office have been welcomed by Ludlow Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Heather Kidd, however, Heather has warned the proposals don’t do nearly enough to protect post offices in rural communities.
Commenting Heather said: “This is a welcome announcement, but unfortunately is just another example of the government dressing up old news. The post office has always been able to provide vital financial services such as pensions, bank accounts and savings to people in rural communities. What the post office needs is not another pointless announcement, but real investment in the post office network.”
“I would like to see Gordon Brown instruct all the banks that received a taxpayer funded bailout to offer their full range of financial services at local post offices. This would be an excellent way of making use of the publicly owned banks to protect post offices in rural areas like ours.”