Stop The Tax On The Sick

Norman Lamb in his call for a clearer policy on hospital car parking charges.
Commenting on Andy Burnham’s announcement of free car parking for in-patients at NHS hospitals, Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, Norman Lamb said: “The amount of money the NHS is making from car-parking charges is staggering. Many hospitals are essentially operating a tax on the sick. But it’s difficult to take Andy Burnham’s pledge seriously when he has completely failed to say where any of the money needed to pay for this would come from.”
“This announcement hasn’t been thought through. The sad reality is that many Trusts will simply increase car-parking charges for outpatients and hard-working doctors and nurses to cover their shortfalls.”
“Rather than making vague unfunded commitments, Andy Burnham would be better off making sure that all hospitals actually comply with the current rules by offering discounts to staff and free parking to patients with chronic illnesses.”