Heather Kidd Ridicules Tory Chairman’s Assertions

Heather Kidd has ridiculed suggestions by Tory chairman, Eric Pickles, that they shared many values with Liberal Democrats on issues like the environment and civil liberties.
Heather commented “Where were the Tories when the Liberal democrats fought tooth and nail against Labour proposals to introduce I.D. cards? The Tory chairman’s flawed view of history on the environment is matched only by his arrogance. Voters still had “huge questions” about the Conservatives and their complete lack of substance to concerns about the environment. Only the Liberal Democrats can force through the big changes our country needs”.
She added “It should be noted that Tory climate sceptics are still going strong- A third of conservative MPs questioned the existence of climate change and its link to human activity. Tory MEP Roger Helmer talks of ‘climate change hysteria’, and the actions of council such as Swale which is blocking plans for the “London Array” offshore wind farm. John Redwood, chairman of the Tory economic policy group has also said we should be ‘sceptical’ about scientific evidence that shows the Earth is heating. David Cameron may talk green but the Conservatives’ actions speak louder than words – They oppose Heathrow but support airport expansion in the South East. They talk about decentralised and green energy then support a programme to build new nuclear power stations. It is clear that the conservatives see the environment as just a vote winner.
“When the media is not looking we see the same old Conservative habits, support for a concerted programme of road building, not voting on important amendments in the Climate Bill. In May 2008 David Cameron made his priorities for government,viii he failed to mention the environment or climate change once. There was little mention of the environment in David Cameron’s speech to 2008 Conservative autumn conference.”