Scaremongering Is Not The Answer Says Heather Kidd

The Conservative MP for Ludlow has been branded a scaremonger as it was revealed that statements he made about council tax rises were seen to be based on supposition and hypothesis rather than hard fact.
Heather Kidd, Lib Dem PPC for Ludlow said, ‘This is scaremongering of the worst order. He takes a release issued by Caroline Spellman (Con Shadow Spokesman for Communities and Local Government) in July*, rehashes it and adds “Shropshire” a couple of times and issues it irrespective of its basis in fact. Is it really worth putting needless fear in the minds of the elderly, poorly paid and the vulnerable for the sake of a few paragraphs of publicity?’
*Caroline Spellman issued this release on 26th July claiming that they had proof that the Government was continuing with their Council Tax re-banding it shelved last September. In neither release was any evidence proffered.
*They quote the Welsh re-banding as proof that the Council Tax bill will rise by £327 a year, neglecting to mention that few properties were re-banded in Wales
‘I am particularly concerned that the Ludlow MP has failed to grasp that this is an unfair tax and should be based on the ability to pay – not on the value of the house. He gives us no clue as to how the Conservatives might make this a fairer tax. He just attacks the Government with shaky evidence.’ Commented Heather Kidd today.
Heather concluded ‘Some politicians would do better by coming down to earth and talking to ordinary people struggling to make ends meeting in this recession rather than running scare stories for their own political ends.’