Heather Kidd Welcomes A Glimpse Of Summer

Heather Kidd was elected by Liberal Democrat councillors across England and Wales to the National Local Government Associations Regeneration and Transport Board. This body lobbies Government on Transport and economic development issues, particularly around new legislation. It has a real input into items before they become law or when they are being reviewed.
Today Heather said ” I am delighted to be able to continue to fight for rural areas and particularly for Ludlow and Bridgnorth. I am one of the few rural members on the Board who regularly attends. Concessionary bus fares have been a real issue in the last year and rail travel and it’s upgrades are often debating points. Government usually ignores the rural implications of their policies. I always make sure that Shropshire gets its say.”
The Board usually meets in Smith Square in London, just along from Parliament. Heather usually takes the opportunity to meet Shadow Transport MP’s and members of the Lords while she is there. This gives an even greater input to legislation.