Heather Kidd Welcomes Return Of Rural Bus Service

Heather Kidd and local Liberal Democrat councillor, Nigel Hartin, have welcomed the move by local Craven Arms company, M&J travel to run bus services for the 800 people who live in the village of Clun. M&J Travel will run alternate weekly services to Newtown and a service every Tuesday to Telford. Clun had been left with no bus service at all after Horrocks withdrew.
Heather commented “This is a brave decision by M&J Travel as the new Shropshire Council are not giving any financial support whatsoever and I call on local villagers to use the service. Without the bus services many villagers would have been stranded with no way of getting to some essential local services; it is a shame that such a vital rural necessity cannot be supported by the new Tory council.”