National Grid Slammed for Slow Pace of Work Bridgnorth Town Centre Residents Suffer from Delay

“Get a move on” – that’s the message coming from the Cartway and Riverside area of Bridgnorth on the length of time it is taking the National Grid to lay new gas mains.
Town Councillor Iain Seivewright said:
“Although this is necessary work, it’s the length of time its taking that is annoying residents. I’ve had a number of complaints about the lack of speed on the part of the workforce and the disruption it is causing” The replacement of gas pipes has been underway in Bridgnorth town centre for months and the work has now reached Riverside. The narrow streets in this area means that many residents have difficulty in driving around the work to their homes if they are able to do so at all.”
Iain added:
“From talking to people it is clear that work has been proceeding at a snail’s pace. The workforce disappears for days on end and even when they are there little gets done.”
Heather Kidd, The Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate concluded:
“I’ve had occasion to visit this part of town several times in the last few weeks and its clear that National Grid have no thought or care for the amount of disruption they cause in peoples lives.”
Iain Seivewright is writing to the National Grid to express residents frustration and demanding an indication of the completion date.