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    Article: Mar 1, 2015

    obile provider EE National Communities Team unveiled a whole range of initiatives to improve reception in the West of the County at a meeting with councillors in Shirehall this week.

    Gareth Hewlett of EE came back to Shropshire to report back on progress they have made since they addressed the Local Joint Committee in the Bishops Castle area in October. This followed a long campaign run by local Councillors Charlotte Barnes, Heather Kidd and Nigel Hartin in the area and the STAR across the County as a whole.

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    Article: Feb 26, 2015


    Despite widespread anger across the County and the direct intervention of a Government Minister, the Conservative Council has gone ahead and scrapped grants of over £1 million to town and parish councils across Shropshire. This despite the Government specifically giving the Council the money for this purpose.

  • Heather Kidd
    Article: Feb 21, 2015

    Healther's report for February 2015

    Health: Shropshire Health trust recently published their long awaited report listing a set of options for the future of Health care in our area. These including keeping the current status quo, building a new Accident and Emergency Centre or moving the latter to Telford.

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    Article: Feb 16, 2015

    There has been as lot of smoke generated by Connecting Shropshire in recent months but not very much light about how effective this upgrade will be. Its great that these exchanges are being upgraded. The broadband speeds in Chirbury, where I live, are awful. However, I have been told that this upgrade will only benefit homes within a 1.2km radius of the cabinets. That will leave several villages - Priest Weston and Marton without proper broadband plus a large number of farms and hamlets. They have also failed to be specific even about the major settlements

  • Article: Feb 9, 2015

    The recent blast of wintery weather came and went quite quickly for most of the County. However for much of the Bentlawnt, White Grit and Priest Weston area the snow and ice lingered much longer. Unfortunately the Council seemed to have forgotten much of the area when it came to gritting.

    Priest Weston has not seen the school bus for 3 weeks because the Council first diverted the traffic around road works to an un-gritted very steep road and then did not instruct local farmers to go out and grit. When residents and myself have complained we have had a variety of excuses. It seems that some people just don't seem to realise that just because the snow has gone from Shirehall other people in the hills are still suffering - especially where gulleys are blocked and the road has been covered in ice.

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    Article: Jan 30, 2015

    If you know of any roads that are becoming impassible in our area during the current bad weather ring me on 07980635518 or e-mail me on heather.kidd@shropshire.gov.uk.

    In particular residents who need carers to visit or need to get out for hospital appointments have a priority for the Council's gritting schedule.

  • Heather Kidd
    Article: Jan 27, 2015

    Parish Councils: Shropshire Council are proposing to take away the support grant for parish councils. Parish Councils in rural areas run on a very tight budget and although not large sums (£529 for Chirbury Parish and £1157 for Worthen and Shelve) these cuts will have an impact. Basically this is a political ploy by Shropshire Council freezing their council tax to look good and forcing Towns and parishes to increase theirs. It is effectively putting up the Council Tax by the back door.

  • Article: Jan 19, 2015

    Charlotte Barnes, Lib Dem Shropshire Councillor for Bishops Castle, has slammed Government proposals for the upgrade of the Digital Radio Network as it ignores much of South and West Shropshire. It also fails to take into account the impact that a wholesale switch over will have on rural areas.
    Charlotte said "We are having a really raw deal in rural Shropshire at the moment - mobile phone signals are poor, broadband is indifferent and now the Government's proposals will leave many residents without radio reception! In their 'Framework agreement on local DAB expansion'* published the other day, the Government makes no provision for the upgrade of mast covering a huge swathe of the County stretching from Bishops Castle and Ludlow in the West over to Bridgnorth in the East. Given that this document speaks of a 'switch over' wholly to Digital towards the end of this decade this is very worrying. If we don't get some investment before the change over, many will be left with a poor or non existent signal by the switch over.
    "However, the problem is much more complicated than that in the hilly areas of the County. Digital (DAB) signal gives better reception but performs poorer than the current analogue systems in upland areas. Signals there are not good at present but may disappear altogether if FM is shut down.

  • Heather Kidd
    Article: Jan 18, 2015

    Since 2009 Local Joint Committees have received funding from Shropshire Council to give grants to community groups. Our Committee has given out a considerable number to help active and effective groups in our communities. We have helped applicants as diverse as village halls, youth groups and sports clubs.Unfortunately in this last round of cuts this funding was scrapped. The members of our committee however, felt that this was too valuable a scheme to lose as it was the only dedicated grant pot for our area. We have therefore decided to launch our own independent scheme.

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    Article: Jan 12, 2015

    Last week, I went with my colleague, Charlotte Barnes, to visit the food bank in Clun. People usually think of deprivation as an urban phenomena. They forget that low wages and unemployment can cause real deprivation in rural areas too. Clun food bank serve a huge area from Bucknell to our area..

    During my visit I was surprised and a bit shocked to find that over Christmas the Bank helped 36 families (including 26 children) by providing the equivalent of over 900 meals.

    It's appalling that inthis day and age we still have people on the breadline but it's just as real a problem in our area as in major cities.Debt, delays in benefits being paid and low pay all push families into desperate situations

    Clun Food Bank is run from St George's Church, Clun every Thursday lunch time and evenings. In addition the Bank also provides advice on benefits, debt and managing money as well as providing computer facilities for clients to make claims or seek advice from other agencies.