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Chirbury and Worthen Division

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    Article: Sep 14, 2014

    Charlotte Barnes, Lib Dem Shropshire Councillor for Bishops Castle, has been selected by an overwhelming majority by Ludlow Liberal Democrats to contest the seat at next year's General Election.

    Speaking after the selection meeting at the Bishop Mascall Centre in Ludlow on Saturday, Charlotte said "it's a great honour to be selected to represent the Lib Dems in next year's contest. I will be following in the footsteps of great local campaigners such as Matthew Green and Heather Kidd.

    "We face some real challenges in this rural part of Shropshire. We are often neglected by both Central Government and the County. The threat of our hospital services disappearing, falling school rolls and a chaotic slash and burn council are just some of the problems our area faces."

    Charlotte has built a reputation as a strong local campaigner since her election to Shropshire Council, fighting on issues such as unwanted housing, the town's youth club and the future of their business park. She is currently pressing the mobile provider EE over their poor signal in the area.

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    Article: Aug 31, 2014

    Cancer Care Strawberry Tea a fantastic event at Snailbeach Village Hall. As you would expect. Huge attendance. Philys called the Bingo (alias Phil Jones from Stiperstones Inn). The Snailstones WI all very active. A good time had by all!


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    Article: Aug 31, 2014

    Vince Cable Receives Campaigners Report on Visit to Area

    Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, has promised to look in to widespread complaints by Shropshire Residents about the mobile phone company EE

    Cllr Heather Kidd, one of the Shropshire Councillors that has led the campaign, said "I'm really glad that Mr Cable has got involved. Not only has EE reduced the quality of its coverage in Western Shropshire (and I strongly suspect elsewhere*) but they have grossly failed in their duty of care to their customers. We now have a mass of evidence of how they have ignored or fobbed off ordinary residents who have tried to complain to them. They have a culture of contempt for their customers."

  • Article: Aug 22, 2014
    Dear Editor
    Having been involved in the hospital/ health debate for several years I am still greatly concerned that services will be designed for the health service and not for the people using them.
    Most people will understand that our health service is under stress with increased numbers of people using it, drugs and technology costing more and advancing at a rapid rate. What the health service will need to do is fundamentally understand nature of communities, deprived people, the problems of rural transport and access.
  • Article: Aug 22, 2014
    A complaint against the mobile operator EE by Shropshire residents complaining about the standard of their service has been upheld - at least in part!
    Heather Kidd said "We have had a mammoth struggle even getting EE to talk about the poor quality of their service in Western Shropshire. They either give customers lame excuses or simply dont reply to their letters, texts or e-mails. As Councillors elected to represent our communities, Charlotte Barnes, Nigel Hartin and myself have simply been ignored"
  • Article: Aug 15, 2014
    This week I had an interesting if not very helpful meeting with BT and a Council officer from 'Connecting Shropshire' about Broadband in Snailbeach and Stiperstones.
    We were told that the 'Openreach Line Checker' (which indicating speeds people were receiving in our area) was faulty and would be overhauled to give the correct speeds. They thought it unlikely that any properties in Stiperstones were receiving superfast speeds, these being only guaranteed for 1.2 kilometres from the new cabinet in Snailbeach.
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    Article: Aug 11, 2014

    The road at Crowsnest will be closed for a maximum of 3 days (probably only one) from Tuesday August 26th as Severn Trent replace a hydrant in the middle of the road. Heather will be pushing them to get the job done as rapidly as possible.

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    Article: Aug 10, 2014

    Dear Editor

    Most of us use mobile phones these days, for business, pleasure and essential contact. The best signal in South West Shropshire has always been Orange. This is why so many of us use their network - now delivered by EE.

    Several months ago I noticed that my signal was weaker, cut off more often and often told me I had a signal but I could not ring out. My family and friends all noticed the same thing. I was then being told by people from all over my Division of Chi bury and Worthen that they had problems too. Cllrs Charlotte Barnes and Nigel Hartin found the same across Bishops Castle and Clun Divisions.

  • Article: Aug 9, 2014

    Heather Kidd has tackled Graham Dalton, Chief Executive of the Highways Agency in England over the failure to make progress in upgrading the 483 between Welshpool and Oswestry.

    Heather said "The A483 is a key arterial road for us living on the Powys/ Shropshire border. Not only does it connect us with Oswestry and Wrexham but with other destinations further afield like Chester and Manchester Airport. Its been pretty clear that the lack of progress in upgrading the road is due to a lack of co-operation between the Highways Agency and its Welsh opposite number the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency*."

  • Article: Jul 27, 2014
    The 'South West Shropshire *Local Joint Committee' that brings together town and parish councils in the Clun, Bishops Castle and Chirbury areas are asking the mobile operator EE to come to their next meeting to answer the mass of complaints they have been receiving from residents about the decline in the coverage of the EE network across the area.